#42: Beats Cancer

Shortly after 1997 got underway, Arnold Palmer was told that he had prostate cancer. After a moment of disbelief, shock, and anger, Palmer’s old self kicked in and he decided to fight it head-on.

#39: Wave from the Swilcan Bridge

In 1995, 35 years after he first crossed the Atlantic to play in the Open Championship, Arnold Palmer returned to where it all began for him, the Old Course at St Andrews, to play the event for the last time and to bid farewell to a tournament—and a nation—that he cherished.

#24: Pilots a 747

On January 22 of 1970, the first Boeing 747 entered service on a Pan Am flight between New York and London, and a new era of Jumbo Jet travel was born. But it was old news to Arnold Palmer—he'd already piloted the 747.

#23: Lone Sailor Award

In 2008, Arnold Palmer was honored with the Lone Sailor Award, given by the U.S. Navy Memorial to Sea Service Veterans to those “who have excelled with distinction in their respective careers while exemplifying the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.”