#24: Pilots a 747

On January 22 of 1970, the first Boeing 747 entered service on a Pan Am flight between New York and London, and a new era of Jumbo Jet travel was born. But it was old news to Arnold Palmer—he'd already piloted the 747.

#23: Lone Sailor Award

In 2008, Arnold Palmer was honored with the Lone Sailor Award, given by the U.S. Navy Memorial to Sea Service Veterans to those “who have excelled with distinction in their respective careers while exemplifying the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.”

#21: Lands on an Aircraft Carrier

A lauded pilot with nearly 20,000 hours in the cockpit, Arnold Palmer had the opportunity to take to the skies with some of aviation's greatest pilots when he flew with both the Navy's Blue Angels and the Air Force's Thunderbirds.

#20: Joins U.S. Coast Guard

While Arnold Palmer was in his final year of college at Wake Forest University, his close friend and golf teammate Bud Worsham was killed in a car accident. Distraught and shaken, Palmer left school and joined The United States Coast Guard.